Weeping Rose


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We were in Wirksworth in the Peak District for the annual festival. As part of this there is an Art Trail. Basically this is where artists set up in people’s houses display paintings, sculptures, pottery, metal work, other miscellany and the occasional photo.

Obviously, part of the joy of doing this is to see inside other people’s houses or as in the case of this photo from Paula, their Gardens.

There is one house which has a rather large garden you can walk around. They have some interesting bits and bobs to look at.

I looked around, and there was Paula doing her usual trick of standing on tiptoes to take a photo. Only this time the Lens was pointing down.

When I joined her, I found that she had spotted rain water had collected and remained in the petals.

“Look, the rose has been crying” she said.


“a bit of bovver”



Alternative title – Brexit Boot

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The uploading of this image was not planned to coincide with the events over the Pond in the last 24-48 Hours.

We were looking through our photo libraries in Lightroom and this one was picked out for attention.

You can find it on the road from Camden Town Tube to Camden Market in that there London

It is interesting to note that the choice of footwear for the Bovver Boys of the 70’s has now become such a fashion item. We even have a Dr Marten’s Boutique in Derby.

It was taken as a tourist photo as something of interest.

After having a look at it again, we did think about just isolating the red of the Union Flag (not Jack!!!)

After, Paula insisted we should put the blue in as well. So I thought we’d go the whole hog and just Saturate to the Max.

We are quite pleased with the result.

Best Wishes

Martin and Paula

Ready Set Crawl


Or “you let your child do what?”

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Big News.

I have found you can measure the distance from one point to another as the crow flies on Google Maps.

Why is that news?

Well from Prague Castle, you can clearly see these two crawling babies, and several others, climbing up and down the Zizkov Television Tower 3.72km (2.31 miles in old money)

We had a pleasurable hour or so shooting and walking around the park the tower is situate in and the surrounding areas.

The use of placing these infants on the tower was apparently highly controversial, though I would hope that the improvement in television reception offset that.

Best wishes

Paula and Martin

AKA Pamatography

Light Web



Good morning .

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Quick advert – We have taken the plunge and have printed up some of the work here on our Photostream and we are at a craft fair at St Mary’s Church, Derby on 5th November, 11am-3pm.

If you are around please pop in and say hello

Paula and I went on a Photo Safari during the week to Southport and Blackpool. I have never seen the Blackpool illuminations and Paula hasn’t been since her childhood.

My impressions, being from the West Country, were that it was like Weston-Super-Mare on Speed!!!

I couldn’t say that we found much that excited us about the actual illuminations, although we had a very enjoyable evening.  Shock of shocks we even found some Bristol Rovers Rock to include in our presents for my Dad’s forthcoming 80th Birthday. I did begrudgingly also buy some Bristol City Rock for my brother, the black sheep of the family.

However, as we walked back to the Car, at the far end towards Starr Gate, there is a permanent giant glitter ball. We took some shots of this before we realised that the lights sometimes swivel downwards and make patterns on the Ground.

We were both taken with this shot, we hope you are too.

Best wishes

Paula and Martin

PS we are also at the Totterdown Art Trail in Bristol on 19th November in Greenwoods Property Centre, 148 Wells Road.



So I say to her ladyship “fancy coming upstairs, I’ve a surprise for you”

Oh yes she says.

Was she disappointed?

Not at all.

The Lady loves Sherbet Flying Saucers!!!!!

(loves me more obviously)

Not happy that I had converted the bedroom into a studio though.

We had lots of fun sorting through to isolate two colours from two bags of assorted shades.

Not happy that the next day in the market we found we could have bought a bag of 50 for £1 that were just two colours

The Shell Seekers



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We were in France and had travelled to the top of a small mountain, the Pic du Jer,  overlooking the Catholic Shrine of Lourdes.

Having a seat and taking in the views, we both looked down and noticed this shell with a rather garish yellow colouring sitting on top of the stones. The contrast of the grey of the stones with the yellow of the shell stood out.

I was tempted to put this through photoshop and isolate the shell and make the rest of the shot monochrome. However, the Boss gave me very strict instructions to upload this in colour.

So here it is.

Best Wishes

Martin and the Boss (Paula)

Paula Said


Upload this!!

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A couple of weeks ago Paula was out, I was in.

The Sun was out and casting the shadows of the blinds against the wall and this figureine.

I decided to take a few quick shots just to get a feel to see if it would be pursuing a more thoughtful composition on another day.

Paula saw this and said “I love it.Upload it, or else.!!!!”

Nuff said





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Our last posting was of a photo that I took on a solo outing after dropping Paula off at a study day.

I drove around the outskirts of Leicester and parked up to grab a coffee near the Western Bypass.

It was a bright sunny day and I was intrigued by an office building which was catching the sunlight and reflecting strong blues and purples.

Paula has approved this as this as the best of the bunch to put on our wordpress account.

Best wishes

Paula and Martin

Roundabout Warrior



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This was a solo outing as I had deposited Paula at a Study Day in Leicester and was killing time driving around the ring road.

For Paula that is much more preferable than me driving her up the wall.

I accidently came across this Sculpture north of the City stuck to the side of an island at the end of a slip road on the A6.

I took a number of shots and this was the one that seemed to capture this artwork the best.

Best Wishes

Paula and Martin